Starting School for the First Time – Early Years

Monkston’s induction programme ensures that when a child is due to join the school in Early Years in September, they are already familiar with the setting and the adults who will be working with them. This helps them to feel more comfortable and confident about the setting they will be joining.

Nursery Visits

The Early years lead, and often the teacher, will be in contact and will possibly visit all of the new children’s nursery settings before the end of summer term, prior to the children starting.

Stay and Play Sessions

Children are invited to stay and play sessions. These work alongside the rest of the school’s 'move up' transition morning, where they can familiarise themselves with the surroundings/layout of the classroom, staff and peers. Parents are also invited to a ‘tea and tissues’ event at the same time (run by the parent FOMs committee), where they can meet other new parents and learn a little more about the school.

Home Visits

Before pupils start in September, their class teacher and another member of the Early Years team will make a home visit. This is an opportunity for everyone to meet, get to know each other better and a chance to ask any questions regarding school life.

Staggered Start Dates

When a child starts school at Monkston in Early Years they will begin with half days only. One class will come in for a morning session and the other class will come in during the afternoon. This will take place for the first two days. For the rest of the week, both classes will be in together in the morning and have lunch at school. The following week children will start school full time.

To give all the children the opportunity to become accustomed to their new surroundings, they are placed into their class groups. These measures ensure that the pupils have a chance to settle in well during initially reduced days at school.