Governing Body

Introduction by the Chair of the Governing Body

When the Governing Body was first formed, it was determined that the school would enjoy an excellent reputation within the community for its commitment to high standards in all aspects of its education provision. Consequently, we are delighted that Ofsted has recognised Monkston Primary as a good school, with many outstanding features notably: outstanding behaviour, outstanding care, guidance and support, and outstanding attendance. This assessment has been achieved through the effective and resolute leadership of the headteacher and senior staff, supported by a team of enthusiastic and professional staff and governors, all working in partnership with pupils, parents and carers. Particular credit goes to our children whose positive and enthusiastic approach to learning and outstanding behaviour is what makes our community so special.

As a Governing Body our aim is to strive towards outstanding provision in all areas and to create an environment in which pupils and staff feel challenged to contribute at the highest level and feel valued for their efforts.

Adam Gledhill 
Chair of Governors

What is the role of Monkston School Governors?

The Governors work closely with the headteacher and senior leaders at Monkston to help further the education and development of all the pupils at the school.

The governors are responsible for three key areas:

Developing a vision and strategy for the school

Monkston's vision focuses on the whole child. The aim is to create an environment where children develop a love of learning and leave the school equipped to achieve their academic potential. In conjunction with the headteacher and senior leaders, the strategy is set to achieve this vision.

Ensuring accountability for the school leadership

The governing body is a critical friend to senior leaders, challenging them to achieve the best they can for all the pupils at the school.

Overseeing the financial performance of the school

We monitor and approve the budget for the school, working with the headteacher to ensure that money is spent in the best interests of all pupils.

The Local Governing Body meets each term, along with each of our sub-committees, to help achieve these objectives. The Finance and Personnel Committee and Standards, Teaching and Learning Committee focus on different areas within the school and help to support the Local Governing Body to understand the details within the school, for example, the budget, pupil performance and wellbeing.

Contacting the Governors

Governors encourage all parents and carers to have an active dialogue with Monkston School and know that communication is key to understanding a child’s wellbeing and progress at school. We hope that you feel encouraged to contact your child’s teacher or the headteacher on any matter you wish to bring to their attention. However, if you have not been able to satisfactorily resolve any issues, then please contact the Local Governing Body, by addressing your letter to:

The Chair of the Local Governing Body

C/o Monkston Primary School

Wadhurst Lane


Milton Keynes

MK10 9LA

or email the Clerk to the Governing Body

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All Governors meetings are recorded in minute form.  Once the minutes have been agreed as an accurate record of the meeting, and checked that they do not disclose any matters of confidentiality, they become a public record and available for anyone with an interest in the School to read.  You can request to see the minutes by contacting the school office.

Academy Conversion

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