Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Hannah Williams - Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Aimee Mills - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Lauren Hamer - Senior Assistant Head (Year 3/4)
Mrs Lyndsey Loy - Assistant Head (Reception & Key Stage 1)
Miss Melanie Best - Assistant Head (Year 5/6)
Miss Cally Chambers - Inclusion Lead

Class Teachers

Reception - Miss Charlotte Beard (Early Years Foundation Stage Lead) and Mrs Elena Nunez
Year 1 - Mrs Annette Webster/Mrs Shan Payne and Mrs Lyndsey Loy
Year 2 - Miss Rebecca Elias and Miss Victoria Priestley
Year 3 - Mrs Charlene Parkinson and Miss Claire Sawyer
Year 4 - Mr Jeremy Craggs and Mrs Gabrielle Wood/Mrs Rachel Jeffree
Year 5 – Miss Becky Horler/Miss Cally Chambers and Miss Emily White
Year 6 - Miss Melanie Best and Miss Chloe Goodridge

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs Vicky Stones - Cover Teacher
Mrs Jasmine Slater - Cover Teacher
Mrs Cat Howell - Cover Teacher
Mrs Hayley Reardon - Cover Teacher
Mrs Suzanne Cooke - French teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Gill Owen – Higher Learning Teaching Assistant (Reception)
Miss Fiona McKinlay - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant (Year 3/4)
Mrs Karen Thompson - Teaching Assistant (Reception)
Mrs Catherine Woodbine - Teaching Assistant (Reception)
Mrs Lynsey Pollard - BSL LSA (Reception)
Mrs Clare Beale - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)
Miss Michelle Flower - Nurture Assistant
Mrs Leanne Wright – Key stage 2 Classroom Assistant
Mrs Liz Orphanides - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Donna Pearson - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Louise Bailey - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Hayley Dobson - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Bridget Boakye-Yiadom - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Annelies Zygo - Reading Support Assistant/Library
Mrs Halima Nurr - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Quratulain Malik - Midday Supervisor
Mr Richard Head - Midday Supervisor
Miss Michelle Hawes - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Renata Skotak - Midday Supervisor
Ms Emma Chan - Midday Supervisor

Early Birds Club Staff

Mrs Gill Owen
Mrs Catherine Woodbine
Mrs Halima Nuur
Mrs Judite Nasimi

After School Club Staff

Mr Richard Head
Mrs Judite Nasimi
Mrs Renata Skotak
Miss Bridget Boakye-Yiadom

Office Team

Mrs Emily Winship - Business Manager
Mrs Joy Nicholls - Administrator
Mrs Joanne Carr - Administrator
Mr Eddie Lear - Site Supervisor