Welcome To Monkston Primary School

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As I write this introduction, I realise that my audience is wide and could include the following groups of people: current pupils; ex-pupils; parents of current pupils; parents considering applying for a place at our school; governors and friends of the school from home and overseas...to name but a few. The message is the same for everyone, welcome to our school website and I hope you find it both interesting and useful.

Monkston Primary School first opened in 2001 and joined Kingsbridge Educational Trust in 2017. I have worked at Monkston since 2002, taking on the role of Headteacher in 2017.

At Monkston, we are striving to create a very special community, in which pupils and staff feel challenged to contribute at the highest level and feel valued for their efforts. We are determined to provide the very best pastoral care and the very best learning opportunities for all pupils, as they progress through our school; working in strong partnership with parents and carers.