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Year 5

Welcome to the 'Year 5' class page. We have an exciting year ahead, kicking off with both swimming and Bike Ability in the Autumn term! Our learning over the year will include 'Living things and their habitats', 'Mountains' and 'The Victorians'. 


Below, you will find the slides from our 'Year 5 Welcome Event' if you couldn't make it. They include important information such as the weekly timetable for each class, homework and topic overviews.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Year 5 team.


Miss Goodridge, Mrs Wood & Miss Horler.

Food Tasting in 5G - October 2022

As part of our D.T. learning (to design and make a healthy meal), we tasted a variety of seasonal vegetables. We tried: parsnip, spinach, mushrooms, courgette and more! The children thoroughly enjoyed eating the sweetcorn and carrots, but many thought the spinach was bland and celery was hard and tangy!


Abstract Art - November 2022

In Art, we have been exploring abstract style. We explored the works of Theo van Doesburg who created rocco art, a light-hearted and pretty style of art and design from the 1700s which uses elaborate decoration, curvy lines and light colours. This inspired us to create our own abstract art using acrylic paint on to a canvas. 

Anglian Water Visit to Year 5! 

On Monday 28th November Year 5 were visited by Caroline from Anglian Water. She taught us all about water in our area, and how we can look after the water in our sinks, toilets, sewers and the environment. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with Caroline, despite having to smell being some gruesome smells!


Khidr said - 'We smelt different waste to understand how different things impact the smells and texture.'

Josh said - 'The water we smelt was disgusting! It smelt like dirty fish!'

Sofia said - 'I enjoyed learning about water, it was really interested to learn about the impact different items have if they are flushed down the toilet.'


Snowy Science- January 2023!


As part of our Science topic 'Everyday Materials' we explored what would happen if we add more and more water to sodium polyacrylate (also known as magic snow!). Some of us thought that the material would just keep growing and growing, while others thought that the sodium polyacrylate would reach a certain point and then stop growing.


We discovered the material eventually becomes saturated when it has absorbed as much water as it possibly can - about 30 times its own weight. However, if the water is left to evaporate, the material can be used again, although if tap water is used, its impurities seem to make it less effective.


School closes for Easter at the end of the day on Thursday 30th March and re-opens on Monday 17th April 2023