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Year 4

Home Learning 6th July - 10th July

Hi Year 4!

We hope you all enjoyed your Easter break and you feel refreshed and ready to learn for the start of the Summer term. We miss you a lot, so it would be lovely to receive emails from you letting us know how you are and what you have been up to (we would love to see some photos, or videos too). 

You will find your weekly timetable and all of the resources you will need in the Home Learning Section. This will be updated every Friday for the following week. We will also be doing a weekly challenge, so have a look at that too!


If you have any questions please email us on


Mrs Wood and Miss Sawyer



Friday 3rd April

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Thursday 2nd April

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Wednesday 1st April

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The challenge today is to sing along to a song loudly. Here is our attempt...

Tuesday 31st March

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Monday 30th March


Name one thing you are proud of. Well I’m proud of being a teacher at Monkston. I love how we all work as a team and try our best. I’m particularly proud when members of my class work to their full potential. When they achieve something through hard work and determination and never, never, never give up! This makes me smile inside.

On a personal front, I’m proud that I have jumped out of a plane! This was many years ago now. It was something that at the time really scared me, but I somehow summoned the courage to do it. I was only able to push myself because I had encouragement from a couple of my friends who also did it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done ….although I’m not sure I could repeat now! I remember how it made me feel – with the right mind set and people by your side that anything is possible! Miss Sawyer 😀


Sunday 29th March


We hope you had an early night so you’re all set to go for this week’s challenges. It is recommended that children your age get 10-11 hours a night. Sleep is so good to stay healthy because it helps your body and your mind. It gives our brains a chance to process what has happened during the day and allows us to restore our energy for the next day. I’m really enjoying a cup of warm milk and reading each night before I drift off to sleep. Perhaps you like to do the same? Miss Sawyer 😀

Saturday 28th March

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Today’s challenge is to give someone a compliment, so here it goes ... You’re doing great!
We wanted to say a huge well done to all of the year 4 children and parents. This week has been a massive change for us all and it’s great to see that you’ve been working really hard and staying safe. Keep it up! Miss Sawyer and Mrs Wood 😀

Friday 27th March

Today’s challenge is to learn something new. Here are some interesting (and slightly strange) facts for you to learn.


Thursday 26 March

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Today’s challenge is to name something that make you smile. Mine is you! 😀

Wednesday 25th March

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Monday 23rd March

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What book did you read?

Sunday 22nd March

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Hi Year 4! Here is my first video for you. I don't know how the youtubers make it look so easy.
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