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Welcome to the Year 2 page!


We cannot believe we are in the second half of Autumn term already. Even though school will be slightly different this year because of the lack of productions and concerts, we still aim to make this term as fun as we can for the children including a remembrance-themed wow day and other fun activities. 


Last term the children started their learning back off with a bang.

They have enjoyed learning about Remembrance in history, including studying Walter Tull, a Northampton Town footballer who left football to join the army.

They have worked really hard during PSHE lessons thinking about being positive and grateful, including learning and practising skills that we can all use to help us regulate our emotions. 

In geography lessons, the children have been learning about where we live in the world, including what our town, country and continent is. 

In computing lessons, the children have been learning about the different types of technology and the names for the different parts of a computer. They have enjoyed learning how to open an internet browser independently and search through the Monkston website. Some children might be reading this now, hello Year 2!

In  music lessons, they have been learning to play the song 'Hands, Feet, Heart' on the glockenspiel, practising staying in time with the pulse, holding a beater correctly and striking the glockenspiel correctly. 

In RE, the children have been learning about Hanukkah and why and how Jewish people celebrate it. We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into this work from your child's presentation. 


The children have also been working incredibly hard in English, reading, phonics, spelling and maths lessons. In English, we have been writing stories with familiar settings and traditional tales. In maths, the children have been learning about the place value of two digit numbers and are just about to move onto addition and subtraction.


Please see below some detailed information on what the children will be focusing on in these subjects for the next half term. 




We look forward to 11th November, which will be our Remembrance Wow day. More information about this to come soon.



As always, thank you for your continued support.


Miss Elias, Mr Craggs and Mrs Berry

Letters sent home from Year 2

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