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As I write this introduction, I realise that my audience is wide and could include the following groups of people: current pupils, ex-pupils, parents of current pupils, parents considering applying for a place at our school, governors, friends of the school from home and overseas ... to name but a few! The message is the same for everyone: welcome to our school web site and I hope you find it both interesting and useful.

Our school first opened in 2001 and I have worked here since 2002, taking on the role of acting headteacher in September 2017. We are striving to create a very special community, in which pupils and staff feel challenged to contribute at the highest level and feel valued for their efforts. We are determined to provide the very best pastoral care and the very best learning opportunities for all pupils as they progress through our school; working in strong partnership with parents and carers. 

At Monkston, we believe in a 'heart and soul' approach to teaching and caring for children. We really do want to make a positive, tangible impact on society through helping our children develop into enthusiastic, honest, compassionate and responsible UK & global citizens. In short, we want to change the world!

During our Ofsted inspection of February 2013, inspectors judged us to be a "good school with outstanding features." They spoke of outstanding behaviour and outstanding pastoral care leading to very happy children and a very positive climate for learning. Whilst we were delighted by the comments of the inspection team, we remain sharply focussed on climbing all the way to the 'top of the mountain', so that all aspects of provision can be deemed outstanding ... and, once we reach the top of the mountain, we need to stay there! 

I hope that the website gives you an exciting glimpse into the life of our school, as well as answering important questions on issues regarding policies and strategic direction. If you have a particular question to ask, try the FAQ page before searching the rest of the website. Of course, do also feel free to contact the school!

Thank you for visiting.

Hannah Williams


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