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Weekly updates and your photos!


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Welcome back year 5 and welcome to Miss Everatt!


Easter Holidays


Thank you for all of your support and interaction over the past two weeks. During this strange time, it has been brilliant to see what you have been up to. 


Over the next two weeks of the Easter holidays, we want you to enjoy yourselves and relax - we think we all deserve it! Therefore, we won't be uploading to the school website for this time, or providing any work. However, if you would like to do any work over this time then please refer to the list of useful websites that you were given in your packs. For any urgent questions, please contact the school office. When the summer term begins (Monday 20th April), new home learning activities will be posted onto the website each week. 


Happy Easter

From the Year 5 Team



Hello year 5! We hope you have had fun with your daily challenges this week. We have certainly enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful photos (check the week 2 sub page above to see them all!) Our last challenge for the week is the 'Guess the Baby Quiz!' Thank you so much for all of your cute baby photos, some are more easier to guess than others. Take a look at the slideshow below and see how many you can guess (Mrs Mills and Miss Hamer will also be mixed up in there somewhere too!) Answers will be on this page by tomorrow for you to check and see how well you did.


We really hope that everyone has a restful and fun Easter and you continue to keep yourselves entertained with baking, playing outside, being arty, building things, reading and spending lots of time with your family at home. Stay safe, stay happy! 



Hi everyone! How is your week going? What have you been up to? Don't forget to keep us up to date by sending us an email - we love reading them!


Thanks to those who sent in their Lego creations.  Here are some of them!




Keep your eyes peeled later on today for some more fun challenges! 

Who would like another quiz? Let me know! 


Miss Hamer

Tuesday's Challenge


Show us your Lego! Some of you have already been busy with the Lego, so if you haven't yet, why not?!


Show us how creative you are! Build something fun and interesting of your choice and email your pics to us by 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. We can't wait to see what you make. 


lego challenge

Monday's Challenge - Can you Draw a Giraffe?


Hi everyone! How has your Tuesday been? It's been lovely to read your messages today. 

Well done to those of you attempted to draw a giraffe - it's definitely harder than it sounds! As you can see from my picture, I wasn't too impressed with my effort! 










Here are some of the ones you submitted. 


giraffes 1     giraffe1   



Can't wait to see how you get on with tomorrow's challenge - keep your eyes peeled!


Monday Challenge - Can You Draw A Giraffe? 


Sounds easy? Try it! Draw a giraffe, but try not to look at any giraffe pictures before you do it! I'm going to give it a go too and I'll post some of the best giraffes tomorrow. Have fun! 


Miss Hamer

Monday 30th March


We hope you all had a lovely weekend! Thanks again for sending us in photos of what you have been up to (see week 1 and 2 photos above!) Please have a go at Miss Hamer's Bumper Weekend Quiz above and the answers are there for when you are finished - don't be tempted to peak!


Thank you as well for all of the Reading Challenge photos which came in today - you really do find the strangest places to read! After looking at all of the entries, the final winner is...



CAMERON....with the hoover!


Well done again for all of the entries. They can all be found on the Week 2 photo page. 

Friday 27th March


Hello year 5 and well done on your first week of home learning! Miss Hamer and I have really missed not being with you, but it looks and sounds like you have really been making the most of your time off and have been up to some wonderful things! At the top of the page, we will be photos and videos you send in to us by email to share with everyone each week, just click the star link!



Thanks for everyone who tuned in for my pizza cook-along today! A few technical hitches, but the video went live eventually and lots of you made fantastic pizzas. Check out the photos in Week 1 above. The video will stay on the channel in case you wanted to make a pizza another time - I have to say, mine was particularly delicious! I will be cooking/baking something else next Friday, so I will keep you posted with ingredients and will endeavour to get the video up in record breaking time!


Have a great weekend and we are both very excited to see what adventures you get up to next week!


CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEKEND - Reading is just as important as keeping active during your time at home. Let's see some photos of you reading in the most unusual place/position in your home/garden you can think of! Please email to by Monday morning and we will post the winner on the website! 




Thursday 26th March


Hi everyone! Hope you've had a lovely day! I had a really nice walk in the woods near my house today and saw some of my favourite birds - jays! I also called Miss Elias whilst I was on my walk and it was very nice to catch-up.

Thanks to all of you who have e-mailed Mrs Mills and I; we are LOVING seeing all of your pictures and just hearing from you. Don't forget to tune in to Mrs Mills LIVE cook-a-long tomorrow!


I've put yesterday's quiz answers in the post below - thanks to all who entered! 


Today's quiz questions are now on the YouTube channel and are also written below and are all key scientific vocabulary. Good luck! 


1. Which word beginning with 'M' means able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking?


2. Which word beginning with 'F' means a solid that is capable of bending without cracking?


3. Which word beginning with 'V' describes a liquid that is thick or sticky and doesn't flow easily?


4) Which of these metals is most likely to be attracted to a magnet? 

a) Copper    b) Gold    c) Iron


5) Which word beginning with 'I' describes a material that does not conduct heat or electricity well?


See you tomorrow! 


Miss H on a walk

Miss Hamer's Quiz Day 2


In case anyone didn't catch the questions on my video earlier, here are today's quiz questions! Email the answers to me by 3pm on Thursday


1. What is 4/5 + 6/10? Answer as a mixed number.

Answer: 1 4/10 or 1 2/5


2. Which 3D shape has 5 faces? One face is a square and the other 4 are triangles. 

Answer: Square-based pyramid


3. 1,364 x 27

Answer: 36,828


4. If a square has a perimeter of 36cm, what is its area?

Answer: 81cm²


5. How would you write 499 in Roman numerals? 

Answer: CDXCIX


Good luck! 

P.S. Here's a picture I took of a squirrel gnawing a piece of wood on my walk this morning! Squirrel

Wednesday 25th March - 


Hello from Miss Hamer and Mrs Mills. Hopefully you have been enjoying the daily quiz - day 2 is available now on the year5 team YouTube channel and answers need to be emailed in to by tomorrow (Thursday) 3pm. If you have not yet subscribed to the only YouTube channel around dedicated just to the amazing year 5 class of 2020, then please email us and ask for a link so you can find it. It is private and only those who we share the link with can access the channel. 


Make sure you check this page and the channel daily for new video and photo updates. You will receive an email tomorrow morning with details about an exciting live cookalong session we have scheduled in on the YouTube channel for 12pm long as Mrs Mills can get it to work, we have never tried this before! 


In the meantime, here are photos of some of the things Mrs Mills has been getting up to so far! Enjoy! 

What does Mrs Mills do to keep busy?

Mrs Mills says welcome and reveals top news!

Still image for this video

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning, everyone! We hope you have had a good first couple of days at home. Have you managed to do some work? 

Mrs Mills and I are going to try to update this page every day with news or just to say hello. I'm going to post a daily quiz for you all too! Email your answers to me at


Keep your eyes peeled later today for a video update from Mrs Mills and I. 


Please keep in touch via email. 


Bye for now!



It's taking a very long time to upload my video, so here's the quiz as text for now. Answers emailed to me by midday tomorrow please. I'll post the answers and results here!


Q1. We all know that Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII, but who was her mother?


Q2. What type of animal is a bat? Is it a) a bird     b) a mammal    or    c) an amphibian?


Q3. What is the name of the elephant in The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman?


Q4. Which word beginning with 'm' means a bend or a curve in a river?


Q5. Which band had a huge hit with 'Livin' on a Prayer'?


Good luck!

Miss Hamer

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