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Monkston Online Safety Updates!

Online Safety Update!

May 2021


Many parents have asked about advice and guidance on how to ensure their devices at home have the correct security settings enabled and how to also check this with their YouTube account.


Please find guides and helpful videos below to check the settings you have on your YouTube account and also how to set up a Kids YouTube account, which automatically already has a lot of security and safety features in place for children. 

How To Set Up YouTube Parental Controls

Here is a useful video which takes you through how to set up a restrictive mode on your YouTube account, both on a mobile device and on your computer, as well as how to restrict search preferences on Google.

YouTube Kids | How To Set Up Parental Controls

YouTube also have a YouTube Kids channel which comes with a lot more safety controls which you can set up including selecting content they see, setting a password to control the settings you make and turning off whether they can search or not.

Online Safety Update!

April 2021


Due to the current Covid situation and the numerous lockdowns we have been experiencing, your child may be spending more time online for one reason or another.



We are always trying to find ways in which we can encourage fun, yet safe, exploration of the internet and reiterate our online safety rules through out the year.


One way in which you can help with this, is by going through the Family Online Safety rules sheet. All year groups are now coming to the an end of (or have already completed) their computing Online Safety unit of work. You will receive an email informing you of this which will include a copy of the Family Online Safety rules sheet. This is the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with your child about their use of the internet outside of school and to share and establish your own set of rules for the children to help guide them as to how to be online safely. 




Online Safety Update!  

27th February 2019


Today, parents and carers will have been emailed home a message in regards to the recent press coverage about an online 'challenge' pop up, which encourages children to carry out potentially dangerous challenges. This is known as the 'Momo Challenge' and has been linked to a number of sites and apps that we know our children are very familiar with (Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Fortnite, Peppa Pig, etc)


Please take a look at the guide using the link below, produced by the National Online Safety Centre, for more information and top tips on how parents can help keep their children safe online.


For the latest health information advice on the Coronavirus please visit