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11/05/20 - On Wednesday this week, we will be revising IMPROPER FRACTIONS and MIXED NUMBERS and how to convert between the two. This can be tricky, so we have found two YouTube videos which help to explain how to do this to help you remember. Please find the videos below.

Change a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction

Change an Improper Fraction into a Mixed Number

Please check the weekly timetable to see what pages we have put down for which days. This is REVISION of things we have already covered during our maths lessons this year. There may be a few questions which some children find a little easy or a little challenging, but all children are to work through the same set pages as these are key concepts which will be vital for them all to revisit.



The Target Your Maths Year 5 Practice Workbook has been posted out to households and hopefully you either received your copy or you were able to go online and re-arrange delivery if you received a card through your letterbox. Don't forget to contact the school if you require a refund for additional payment paid, as stated in Mrs William's email.


You can also access the pages using the link and log in details below, as well as access the answers go down to the 'KS2' section and select 'Target Your Maths Y3-6 Practice Workbook Answers'.


Username: monkston-primary-student

Password: ucc3bqmk


Please email us at if you have any questions about the work set. 



Practical Challenge Friday

Each Friday we will set a fun practical investigation which you can try! See below for the challenges for your set for this week - 


Miss Everatt’s set - Estimating Angles


Mrs Mills’ set – Cows and Sheep

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