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English Weekly Overview - STORY

Monday: Watch the text type video via link. You could use this video and what they already know about stories to create a checklist. Then read the example recipe and look for features on your checklist. You may wish to add any quality vocabulary from the text example into your glossary.


Tuesday: Watch the stimulus video - Bubbles. Can you identify the beginning, middle and end? Use your checklist from yesterday and the video to help you plan your story. Remember, you do not need to write about everything that happened in the video, just pick out some key parts. 


Wednesday and Thursday: Use these days to write your story. Keep reminding yourself of the features and your non-negotiables. You will also need to use your plan and it may be useful to use the example story to help you think of some ideas. 


Friday: See below. 

Free-Styling Friday

Every Friday, you can choose what activity you do, it just needs to be based around the stimulus for the week - Bubbles. This week, you may choose to write another story about anything of your choice. Or. you could do something creative based on the video. The choice it yours! Feel free to email us your creations.

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