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English Weekly Overview - Explanation Texts - How Crayons Are Made


Monday: Watch the BBC video with Chris Packham. He talks about what an explanation text is and the key features. Make a note of the features and use them to text mark the example on the Water Cycle. This week there are also some optional comprehension questions based on the example text. 


Tuesday: Watch the video about how crayons are made. Make notes on the different stages of the process. You will be using this to help you plan your writing. 


Wednesday and Thursday: Use these days to write your explanation text. Keep reminding yourself of the features and your non-negotiables. Your explanation text needs to be clear and informative. You will also need to use your plan and it may be useful to use the example explanation text to help you think of some ideas.  


Friday: See below

How Crayons are Made | How It's Made

Learn how crayons are manufactured.

Free-Styling Friday

Every Friday, you can choose what activity you do, it just needs to be based around the stimulus for the week - Explanation texts. This week, you may choose to write an explanation text about anything of your choice, or you could film a Greg Wallace style video showing how something is made, or how something works. See video below.

This is the Fastest Mince Pie-Making Operation We've Ever Seen

Mince pies are a Christmas staple in the UK, seemingly consumed at all hours of the festive season. To keep up with demand, this factory uses automation to c...

Grammar and Punctuation


Friday's zoom lessons will have a grammar and punctuation focus. Each week there will be a follow up tasks that we recommend they complete after the lesson. See below. 


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