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This week, you are all writing FACT FILES. Watch the video below which reminds you what the key features of fact files are - you might want to take a few notes and write these down to remind you what to look for! Then read through the example and see if you can identify some of these features just like we would do in class. Also identify and write down any vocabulary that you may want to use in your own instructions later in the week or identify words you are unfamiliar with. See if you can ask someone (or use Google, with an adult's permission) to find out the meanings.

Examples of fact files to spot key features in

Now you remember what makes a good fact file, watch the video below about giraffes. Use your features and vocabulary list to plan out your giraffe fact file should include - there is also a sheet of key vocabulary and some photos from the video clip at the bottom of this page which will help you. You can use the planning sheet attached at the bottom of this page OR just use paper at home. 


Now you can spend two days writing your fact file, using your plan and all of your vocabulary and features lists. Once you think you have finished your writing, don’t forget to read it through and check it! Could it be better? Do you need to check any spellings or change some of your words for more adventurous choices? You do not have to, but if you would like, you could write it up in best and send in a photo to, we would love to see them! We will then publish the photos of any work sent in on Friday.

Free Styling Friday

You can choose to write another example of the text type, draw a picture that matches your writing, or create something to suit the stimulus - the choice is yours!

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