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Watch the 'How to write a report' video and read your checklist

Read through the example of an non-chronological report text. Can you find the key features from the check list?

Watch the information video all about Giraffe's. Think carefully about the key facts you learn and note down any interesting facts you want to use. Listen for technical vocabulary.

  • Use your planning sheet to note down your key information under sub-headings.
Wednesday and Thursday

Spend today and tomorrow writing your report on Giraffes. Use your check list to make sure you are including all the features. Use your 'Always toolkits' to make sure you are not forgetting anything else either!


Make sure you look carefully at all the great ideas from your plan on Tuesday.



Free-styling Friday! Spend some time thinking about other reports today. You could - draw a labelled picture to go with your report or write a different non-chronological report about something you know well.



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