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Biographies - Your new(ish) teachers!


Watch the explanation videos about what biographies are and what you should include when writing one. Download the biography example and find the different biographical features in the example using your toolkit. 

How to Write a Biography


Download the presentations from your new (or old) teacher. 


2G - Miss Chambers

2E - Mrs Webster and Miss Easton. 


Use these to plan your biography about your new teacher/s


Plan your speech - use the vocabulary word bank to help you use different ways of starting your sentences.


Write a biography about your new teacher/teachers. 

If you are in 2E, you can choose to write about both of your teachers in one piece of writing or do two pieces of writing - one for each teacher. 



Re-read your writing. Edit it using the biography toolkit and your non-negotiables. 


Complete your year 2 memory book. If you cannot print this off, write about three of your favourite memories from Year 2 and 3 things you are looking forward to in Year 3. 

Last few places left for Reception pupils starting school in September 2023