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This week you will be writing a setting description. Begin by watching the how to guide to remind you what you need to include. You can make a checklist to use later in the week of the key features and write any key/powerful vocabulary down. Look at the example of a setting description and see if you can find any of the key features. You can also add to your vocabulary bank too.


Use the magical forest photographs on the link below and use your checklist from Monday and non-negotiables on the panning sheet to plan your setting description.


Wednesday and Thursday

Now it is your time to shine. The next 2 days you will be writing your setting description. 

Remember to use your plan, the vocabulary sheet and the non-negotaibles to help you. You can use the magical forest photographs to help you too.


Free style Friday. It is over to you today - you can choose. You might want to do some more setting descriptions. It could be of a walk you have been on, a den you made or from a story you have read/watched. The choice is yours. Have fun!


It would be great if you could keep an on-going word bank of powerful vocabulary and new words you have learnt. Just like we do on our word walls in school. This can be added to all the time. You can add new words from reading too. 

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