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Additional Tasks

This week it's... History!




Earlier in the year you learnt about Elizabeth I and what England was like during her reign. Your main task this week is to create a fact file, a timeline or a comic strip about Elizabeth I and her life. 



Please check the weekly timetable for which spelling activities we would like the children to complete this week. Spend ten minutes each day practising the given spelling pattern - there are two a week, so you can look at the same one for more than one day.


To access the activities you go to and at the top right hand side you should see 'My Class Login.' Enter your year group login and password here (see below for details - as already emailed out by Miss Chambers) and refer to the weekly timetable for which sections to focus on.


Username: year5@monkston

Password: Monkston2020


We will revisit these sections more than once over the next few weeks, so do not worry if you do not complete it this week.  

You can also have a go at these tasks...

Make a family member and friend's day by writing and posting them a letter! Perhaps you could become 'pen pals'. 



Design your dream bedroom. Will it have a bouncy castle for a bed? A slide connecting you to your best friend’s house? A fish task as a window? Dream big! For an extra challenge label materials and textures as well as colours.


Don't forget, we would love to see any work you complete. If you would like to, you can take a photo or video (or attach it if you completed it on a computer) and email it to


Last few places left for Reception pupils starting school in September 2023