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Additional Tasks

Picture 1

Afternoon task


Watch this clip which introduces the work of Antoni Gaudi. 

Read the information on the power point Research the following questions:

  • Around what time did he complete his artwork?
  • Whereabouts is most of his work based?
  • What are some examples of his work?
  • What was he inspired by?
  • How would you describe his style?

Create fact file or factual poster about his extraordinary career and his life.


Additional Activities


  • Choose one of the outlines (frog, lizard, turtle or penguin) and fill in the outline using the scraps of paper – this is called the ‘trencadis’ technique.
  • Create some of your own artwork inspired by Gaudi. Perhaps you might choose 3D objects to create temporary art (like we did in Plastics week) created in the garden. Alternatively, you could create a model of one of Gaudi’s famous buildings or design your own using some of his ideas and your own. Whatever you decide, try and make sure it has a nature theme.
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