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Additional Tasks

We started to explore sound in Science. We already know that sound is the movement (or vibrations) of sound particles and it travels in waves. Sound waves travel through the different states of matter (air, liquid and solid), but travel at different speeds. This week see if you can find out more about sound to add to your knowledge.
Watch this clip to remind you about sound

Sound experiments

Go onto BBC bitesize science website and complete the sections ‘How are sounds made?’, ‘How are sounds detected?’, ‘What is pitch?’ &‘What is volume of sound?’
Watch this clip. See if you can do this experiment to see how sound moves.

How To See Sound

Create a ‘sound survey’ to note down the different sounds around the house. Are they low or high pitched? How loud are they? Maybe you could rate each using a number scale 1-5?

Optional tasks
Watch this clip for inspiration and see if you can create your own musical instrument from scrap materials!

DIY Musical Instruments for Kids

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