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This week, it's.... Mental Health Week!


Being away from school and your friends can be tough and we want to make sure that you are staying safe and happy, as well as looking after your mental health. We always say at school how it is 'ok not to be ok' and how it is always important to talk about your feeling and emotions. Hopefully these activities this week will give you the opportunity to do a little mental health 'check-in' with yourself and maybe even encourage you to talk to someone if you do have things playing on your mind. 


You have your adults and other members of your family/friends whom you can speak to, but don't forget, Mrs Mills and Miss Everatt are here too and are ALWAYS available to talk to you if you'd like. Just drop us an email at and talk about anything you'd like. We sent out an update email this week to you all letting you know what we have been up to and to encourage anyone who hasn't really been in contact with us to drop us an email...we REALLY want to hear from each and every one of you! 






MAIN TASK  - Watch the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ video below.


Think about what you could do to achieve each of the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’. You can record it on the worksheet attached below, or in your own way. You can either write, or draw what you have done for each of the steps. You could do one each day, or all in one day.

What are the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?

'5 ways to wellbeing' worksheet



5 Ways to Wellbeing Poster - Thinking back to the video, create a poster or PowerPoint presentation about the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’. Remember to explain them clearly and provide examples.



Self-Praise Jar (see sheet below) - Decorate a jar, or a box. Write down things that you are proud of and what you think your good qualities are. Then when you are feeling sad, you could pick one out to help cheer yourself up.



Guess the Emotion - Watch the video clip below from ‘Inside Out’. After each emotion, discuss what you thought the emotion was and how you knew.

Inside Out: Guessing the feelings.



Mindfulness Break Cards - Look at the mindfulness cards below and complete some careful breathing.





Please check the weekly timetable for which spelling activities we would like the children to complete this week. Spend ten minutes each day practising the given spelling pattern - there are two a week, so you can look at the same one for more than one day.


To access the activities you go to and at the top right hand side you should see 'My Class Login.' Enter your year group login and password here (see below for details - as already emailed out by Miss Chambers) and refer to the weekly timetable for which sections to focus on.


Username: year5@monkston

Password: Monkston2020


We will revisit these sections more than once over the next few weeks, so do not worry if you do not complete it this week.  

For the latest health information advice on the Coronavirus please visit