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This week you will learn about people’s faith and beliefs. You will study some famous people and find out how their faith has had an impact on their life. You will also consider what makes a person inspirational (someone to look up to) and think of people who have had a positive impact on your lives.


Malala Yousafzai – read the powerpoint presentation and watch the newsround clip to answer the questions about Malala’s story.

Bear Grylls  Read the information sheet about Bear Grylls.

Watch this clip which tells you some background information about his life achievements

Bear Grylls Inspirational Life Story

Bear Grylls is the host of the very popular show on Discovery channel 'Man vs Wild'. His show boasts of many celebrity appearances. Indian Prime Minister Nar...

Watch this clip to see how Bear inspires people now.

Bear Grylls Survival School: A look back at Series 1

Use the pictures and the word bank to help you create an information poster about Bear Grylls explaining how he inspires other people.

Optional tasks

Look at the optional task powerpoint which gives details about Steven Hawkins, Kadeena Cox and Tom Cruise.

Write down why people may consider them to be inspirational on the optional task sheet.

Complete the ‘Who inspires you’ sheet. Think about who has inspired you in your life so far. Perhaps you admire their skill/talent, their beliefs or what they have managed to achieve despite the obstacles they have faced.

Kid president has created a lot of motivational videos about life. Here’s an example of one of his clips. Perhaps you could write your own speech offering advice to people and record it?

Kid President's Pep Talk for the World

Decorate a pebble with paint dedicating it to someone who has inspired you during the pandemic. Perhaps you could give it to someone or add it to a collection of pebbles. Apparently there is a line of pebbles at Browns Wood in Milton Keynes. Look at the pictures for ideas before you get creative!

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