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More Able and Motivated

Over the last 20 years or so, schools have struggled first to define, and then cater appropriately for, pupils sometimes referred to as ‘gifted and talented’. Despite national initiatives, the area has remained unclear and controversial. As part of our response to the challenge of meeting the needs of all pupils, we have devised a programme to establish a clear and consistent approach to helping more able and highly motivated pupils achieve their full potential. We have added the term ‘motivated’, since we believe that, in order for extra provision to have any significant impact, a pupil must wholeheartedly commit, or ‘buy into’, the programme. We fully appreciate that the role of teachers is to motivate pupils and that is what we seek to do every day in every lesson for every pupil. However, some pupils respond better than others to our attempts and a pupil would need to have developed a strong degree of self-motivation before being considered eligible for the extra provision outlined below.




What is a ‘more able and motivated’ pupil?


By ‘more able and motivated’, we simply mean a pupil who has demonstrated clearly above average ability in a particular area [see below] and is judged by their class teacher to demonstrate a high level of self-motivation in that area.


There will initially be 6 main areas of focus:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music
  • P.E.


In future, this list may expand to include other curriculum areas.


Inevitably the self-motivation of a child is a difficult area to judge, so class teachers will first produce a provisional list of pupils on the basis of ability and then conduct brief interviews with selected pupils to determine whether or not they have sufficient motivation to benefit from the ‘More Able and Motivated’ programme. Lists will be updated – i.e. with names added or deleted – every October half-term, enabling class teachers to get to know their pupils before committing to judgements. Parents of identified pupils will be informed in writing.


Please see our policy below for more details on our current provision.

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